Red Light therapy Feature

Advanced Red Light Technology

Red Light technology provides a new service to your customers that helps them look and feel their best.

Easy Fat Loss

Forget about quick-fading trends, exaggerated in-clinic treatments and expensive surgeries. Red-Light Therapy for fat loss (AKA “LED Lipo”), is a science-proven, certified safe and painless treatment with professional-grade results. Simply apply to the area of your choice and relax for ten to twenty minutes and within hours you will achieve measurable results.

A Med SPA In a Belt

One device, multiple functions. Red LED Light Therapy Wrap isn’t just for pain and fat loss. It can also be used as anti-aging, cognitive enhancement, wound healing, inflammation reduction, cellulite busting, mood boosting, among others.  Lipo Wrap goes far beyond just fat loss – it’s like buying your own personal med spa!

Natural Photosynthesis

Red-Light Therapy delivers light to the tissues and cells of the body in a similar way to how plants absorb light energy from the sun. UV-Free, beneficial light rays energize cells and stimulate the body’s natural process to build new proteins and regenerate cells, offer relief from pain and inflammation, increase blood circulation, improve healing time, and break down fat cells for a natural alternative to liposuction.

Lipo Wrap

Our Red-Light Phototherapy wrap is a revolutionary home-use treatment with an advanced 635nm-wave Red-Light Phototherapy technology – the same used in professional med-spa and weight loss clinics, but in a portable belt you can use from the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost.

Pain Relief

Researchers have found that Red Light Therapy can help reduce pain for osteoarthritis knee pain, meniscus tears, general knee pain, rheumatoid arthritis, shoulder pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. The data on Red Light Therapy for pain relief and inflammation is so convincing the FDA has approved it as a therapy for treating minor pains, arthritis, and many more. The Nushape Lipo Wrap and our Therapy Wrap Mini are perfect for treating any pain from head to toe, with clinical strength treatments performed in as little as six minutes.

Red Light Therapy Wrap

    Woscan is the leading name in LED light technology, producing high powered light therapy devices in the form of precision engineered red and near infrared lights. All of our technology utilises the latest advances in the field to give the most ideal wavelengths of light at the most efficient energy cost. Our light therapy devices are suitable for home use, emitting a strong and concentrated source of useful light. Look and feel your best all year round.Find out more.


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