January 23, 2018

LED Batten:energy-efficient Lighting Solutions

With its innovative LED interior luminaires, WOSCAN LIGHTING offers completely new opportunities for creative, energy-efficient lighting in shops, public buildings, hotels and restaurants, as well as in industry. WOSCAN LIGHTING luminaire also embody the latest state of technology and guarantee not only excellent manufacturing standards but also exceptional lighting quality.LED batten from WOSCAN LIGHTING offer a huge number of advantages:

·         Extremely small designs possible

·         Long operating life

·         Robustness

·         Very low energy consumption with high luminous efficacy

·         Extremely low maintenance costs

These qualities of WOSCAN LIGHTING LED batten allow an easy and flexible installation. On top of that, the lighting becomes an integral part of the indoor and outdoor architecture.


Definition of LED luminaire

The combination of a module or a light engine with control gear to form a lighting system is described by the term LED luminaire. The luminaire also defines the optical system in conjunction with the light source and functions simultaneously as a heat sink, if required.

Advantage of LED batten over luminaires from other lighting technologies

Thanks to LED technology, completely new, unusual luminaire designs can be provided, with great flexibility in terms of shape and size. In addition, LED batten stand out for their exceptional efficiency and very long operating life.

The specified interfaces of the WOSCAN LIGHTING light engines now make it possible, with LED batten, to easily replace the light source and this enables the latest LED generation to be used. Depending on the application, the luminaire’s degree of efficiency may also be optimized, in contrast to conventional technologies.


Integration steps for an LED luminaire

All the components used in the luminaire are optimally matched in terms of their engineering, optics, thermal properties, control and power supply – for outdoor use for example: The luminaire must fulfill a certain degree of protection (IPxx). For indoor use, on the other hand, a downlight luminaire must be designed in such a way that it can be installed with suitable heat extraction in a false ceiling.

Various types of LED batten

LED batten are obtainable in a large number of types, including designs for the widest possible variety of purposes. Precisely because of the LED-specific advantages, a large number of special luminaires is also possible and they can be incorporated seamlessly and creatively in special lighting system solutions, unlike luminaires from the conventional lighting technologies.

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