About Woscan

Built From The Technology of Red Light Therapy

At Woscan Lighting our aim is to provide well designed, quality of manufactured light therapy products. Most products are designed and manufactured by ourselves. Seldom products are sourced from manufacturers we commission to manufacture and we can trust for quality.If you are keen to make a contribution to saving energy for our planet, consider LED lights and ask us how you can achieve this.

Nowadays Woscan has become one reliable reputation supplier and established high-tech firm specialized in the research, development, engineering, marketing of LED based lighting solutions,Woscan also provides OEM/ODM and contracting production services.

By 2019, We own an area of 2,000 square meters, 52 workers and 5 R&D engineers All the products from Woscan are CE listed and RoHs compliant.We have severe quality control system to assure excellent quality before shipment.100% QC process is executed and aging time on each piece of lighting product exceeds 8 hours.In accordance with our warranty policy,we use reliable LED manufacturersas the suppliers.

Woscan’s products show extremely long life span and stability in the function. The average light output after 10, 000 hours continuously lighting will be 95% comparing the original brightness. High power LED module prove to have better light reservation. It can hold up to 90%-95% light after emitting 10, 000 hours continuously.

Over 70% of Woscan’s products are exported to Europe and America.We can provide good and fastsalesand after-sales service and technical support.We aim to be a provider of total LED solutions for architecture,signage,decoration andcommercial lighting.

Why Red Light Therapy?

Why LED Light Therapy is Different

LEDs allow for more usable light because of their tight wavelength span. They generate very little heat and are incredibly durable. And because they’re so efficient, LEDs are considered more eco-friendly than incandescent or fluorescent sources. Without a doubt, LEDs are the preferred delivery mechanism for light therapy.

The Many Benefits of Red Light Therapy

There are so many proven benefits that it’s hard to list them all, but here are just a few.

  • Repairs sun- or acne-related skin damage
  • Enhances muscle recovery and peak performance
  • Fades scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks
  • Speeds wound healing
  • Reduces joint inflammation
  • Helps with infertility

Need we say more? I think you get the point. Red light therapy really works!

    Woscan is the leading name in LED light technology, producing high powered light therapy devices in the form of precision engineered red and near infrared lights. All of our technology utilises the latest advances in the field to give the most ideal wavelengths of light at the most efficient energy cost. Our light therapy devices are suitable for home use, emitting a strong and concentrated source of useful light. Look and feel your best all year round.Find out more.


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